November 22, 2007 at 12:33 pm 3 comments

I hope you’re all getting a good laugh at that. I decided the organization thing is all relative. Compared to my mother-in-law, no I’m not organized at all. Compared to some of my co-workers, I’m a hyper-organized clean freak! Yes, me. I want N to get me or make me some shelves like this. If I can’t see my yarn, I’ll have to keep pulling it out to put it in piles. That’s why it’s in piles all over the house. A pile for Goozle’s sweater, a pile for mittens, a pile for swatches (and I knit a lot of swatches).
When I was in school, I kept everything in a binder. If I tried using 2 binders, whatever I needed would inevitably be in the other binder. The problem is, if everything is in one binder, and I lose that binder, then basically I’m screwed! I had a similar incident with my knitting needles recently. They’re all in a little pouch that I got from my secret pal. I could not find the pouch anywhere. Therefore, projects got sidelined. And I got this in the mail from my secret pal:
nov2007 005
Another needle case, yay! It has needle conversions on it, too. I think I’m going to take my dpn pouch and stick it right in the needle container. Organization on top of organization! She also got me some Caron Simply Soft Shadows. I immediately cast on and started knitting a project that I think will become a Christmas present! And the cutest sweater pattern! It says “Hug Me” on it. I’m going to make it for Girly! Cuteness overload! Thanks Secret Pal!

I also recently acquired some yarn from a nice guy on ravelry. It was a lovely and unexpected gift that was one of my bright spots of last week. It’s been hectic with my “new” job and long hours and sick kids who refuse to sleep. Anyway, I’m using some of the yarn to make a scarf for a cancer patient. Hopefully it can brighten someone else’s day.
nov2007 004
It’s actually much longer than that. I have one more scarf to knit with the yarn they gave me to knit a scarf with. It think I might knit a clapotis. Or maybe my so-called scarf knit the long way. I’m not sure. I should knit something manly. Anyone know any good man scarf patterns that aren’t ridiculously boring?
I suppose I should go work on my Thanksgiving food.  I’m making 4-bean salad as requested and some roasted garlic flatbread (if I can find the recipe) and maybe the corn casserole recipe that Cindy gave me.  I’m going to try it at some point; I have all the ingredients.  I hope everyone has a nice Thanksgiving!  Have a nice brunch, family.


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Beauty knows no pain *sob* Happy St. Nicholas Day

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  • 1. Carly  |  November 22, 2007 at 7:55 pm

    Aaah! If you don’t want boring RUN (don’t walk) from MySo-Called Scarf!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • 2. mom  |  November 23, 2007 at 1:37 pm

    Who are you? Organization squared! oooooooh. lol Brunch was fun, crowded, missed having you all here though. You are a funny girl! ( ; love ya.

  • 3. coveredinyarn  |  November 30, 2007 at 4:48 am

    I did the simple cabled scarf for my husband, no scarf is over the top exciting but this at least kept me on my toes. My yarn didn’t leave way for fantastic photos, but it’s really not too bad. Why do I love scarves so but would rather gauge my eyes out with my needles than knit one? Hope that helps!


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