Yarn Harlot or Bust!

April 6, 2007 at 7:00 am 3 comments

Last night my mom and I went up to the Twin Cities to see the Yarn Harlot.  In all honesty, I’m surprised we made it!  I printed off 3 Mapquests: how to get to Mitchell College of Law where the Yarn Harlot was, how to get to my friends’ house in case we were running late, and how to get from the Yarn Harlot to my friends’ house in Minneapolis.  I thought we could get over to St. Paul and shop around at all the shops downtown (things will be great when you’re downtown), but we got there too late.  So we followed the Mapquest directions to my friends’ house.  (I’d call them the Ws, but he’s a pretty strong democrat and might be offended!)  We got there at 6:30 and no one was home, so we were going to take off and just take Goozle with when she got home.  So, we unloaded Goozle and attempted to reverse the Mapquest directions back to St. Paul. 

By this time it was 6:45; the Yarn Harlot started at 7.  The problem with Minnesota is that all of their roads are numbers.  It seems like they weren’t creative enough.  We were supposed to be on 4th St. SE and ended up on 4th St. S which is not the same thing.  We ended up at the Metrodome–season opener!  We decided to keep going on that street to find our way back to I94.  Somehow we managed to.  I’m terrible at city driving, so getting lost is not the best thing to do.  After we found 94, we found our exit ok, but then we couldn’t find the street we were supposed to.  I took a look at the map, and my mom had the directions from my house to my friends’ house.  No wonder things weren’t making sense!  We finally got there around 7:15. 

Supposedly there was class going on, so parking was supposed to be terrible.  Luckily for me, I think parking signs are idle threats.  As long as there’s no “No Parking at Any Time” sign just designated hours, I’ll park there.  So I parked under a sign that said “No Parking 8am-8pm Mon-Fri”.   We cut across the lawn, through the shrubbery and tried a couple doors before finding the right one.  The place was packed, but we found a nice seat in the back corner next to the window. 

She was hilarious!  I haven’t laughed that hard for a long time.  It was fun to see so many handknit things in one room.  The woman in front of me was wearing a blue sweater with purple and green vertical dashes.  Another woman was knitting some beautiful lace.  And I got lots of compliments on Girly’s (high water) fancy pants! 

Stephanie has a great rule that people with babies can cut in line!  I love it.  I wish lots of places had this rule!  I got a copy of her new book and got it signed.

And she wanted to hold the baby and complimented me on her pants!  A nice lady in line took a pic for me and e-mailed it to me.  Then on our way out, Girly won a door prize (Easy Vine Lace Scarf pattern) for being the youngest knitter!

On our way back to the car, we noticed a sign that said “Do Not Walk Through Shrubs”.  We went down a ways and cut through anyway.  We made it back to my friends’ without too many wrong turns.  Then we all went to Baker’s Square where both kids screamed and screamed.  My mom walked around with Girly so I could visit.  

All in all, it was one of the funnest days I have had for a long time.


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Dye job Project One Million and One…

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  • 1. mom  |  April 6, 2007 at 11:16 am

    Hey! Just saw the ad for “Downtown” la la laaa….
    You forgot to say we were all hepted up on strong coffee and laughing like mad all the way through town. I thought the YarnHarlot was hilarious, I’d love to take her to my Woman’s Studies class, it’d be great. So great that a regular gal can make such a big impression (still not knitting, but loved the kitten idea so I can always buy yarn!) Feel like security has picts of us hurdling the scrubs!!!! Well worth the chase! And what of the suicidal rabbit? ha ha ha………..great day.

  • 2. Judy in MN  |  April 7, 2007 at 2:31 am

    Girly was such a cutie pie, I *had* to take her picture. Too bad I was too slow to catch her cooing and smiling just a second before the squirm! Glad you made it in time to hear Stephanie speak. I’m similarly challenged driving in St. Paul (and I used to live in a St. Paul suburb!).

  • 3. Sharon  |  April 8, 2007 at 7:39 pm

    Glad you made it and got to hear Stephanie speak. I have never been to Minneapolis but it does not sound fun to navigate. You forgot to say the cutest besides the youngest knitter won a prize 😉


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